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Data Integration

As an expert in Data Integration & Analysis, we believe that making the most of data can enable your business to achieve new levels of productivity and growth. But as a decision maker, you may have doubts. You may be wondering just what and when your data will translate into actual business impact.

This is where SourceCore can help. Our expert data integration services will provide you with the solid insights you need to make better strategic business decisions.

Our range of expertise includes:
  • Data management and analysis
  • Data interchange and integration services
  • Database management services
  • Data Integration support & administrative services

Our range of expertise includes:
  • Our professional team of consultants are experienced in using various Data Integration tools, Ab Initio, Informatica, Data-Stage and many more
  • Since 2014, we’ve worked with leading organizations across a range of sectors in the UK and abroad. With our broad experience, we are uniquely positioned to provide expert Data Intelligence services to organizations of all sizes
  • We make a point of forming close working relationships with our clients, enabling us to provide a tailored service that will meet and exceed your expectations

If you’re looking for Automated Data Solutions to achieve new levels of productivity, contact us today.

Data Analysis

Businesses make critical decisions based on enterprise data. Poor data quality can lead to incorrect decisions, which can result in major setbacks and/or have significant financial implications. It follows that uncompromising data quality is a pre-requisite for any progressive business.

Getting ready for the future!!!

With the arrival of social media platforms, mobile technologies, cloud based platforms that generate gigabytes of information, it is necessary to analyze the information and be proactive to change.

Being ready for change – whether the change is in risk management, customer churn, cost increases, revenue reduction or any other business challenge, is becoming a make-or-break factor for many enterprises across the globe. We in SourceCore can guide you in using the latest business analytics tools to add incremental value, drive positive operational outcomes and deliver results that are both definitive and measurable.

A successful data governance process requires experienced data stewards and expertise to:
  • Identify, assess and monitor the impact of data quality issues on the business.
  • Design structured processes for reporting and resolving data quality issues.
  • Develop a technical solution that is scalable and flexible, with people, process and technology at its core